Wild Maine Blueberry Jam


Wild Maine Blueberries, Madagascar vanilla and Saigon cinnamon are combined to create the berry best blueberry jam you have ever tasted! It's blueberry pie in a jar. If you like blueberries, you're going to flip over this incredible jam! It happens to be my persoanl favorite! Check out the our recipe page for the Jamtastic Wild Maine Blueberry Jam Martini!


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Molly 10th May 2023

Wild Maine blueberry jam

One of my favorites!

Brian M 14th Jan 2023

We can't get enough

Our whole family LOVES the Wild Maine Blueberry jam from Jamtastic. It's firmly supplanted grape, strawberry, or any other preserves in the household and we seem to go through jars entirely too quickly. My only request would be to sell them in larger jars!!

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