Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary?

Jamtastic...Small batch jams just like your grandmother used to make and, even better! Our jams are all natural, using less sugar and we never use anything artificial. At Jamtastic we produce handcrafted, small batch artisanal jams, using the finest fruits (locally sourced when seasonally available), all natural ingredients and never any preservatives. Our products are entirely handmade, from start to finish. From processing fruit manually to creating, printing and applying our labels entirely by hand, we strive to produce the very best product that nature has to offer! One taste of our fantastic jams and you'll see why it's Jamtastic!

I'm Ross Warren (aka Mr. Jamtastic) and I have always loved to cook. Many years ago I began concentrating on jams and condiments, making just enough to give away during the holidays to family and friends. In 2010, just after Christmas, my sister called and said, " Ross, you have got to quit giving this stuff away! Your jams are so good that people will want to buy them!" Well, that got me thinking and before long we had set up our commercial production kitchen in E. Arlington Vermont. It wasn't long before people were asking for more! After many years at this location it was time to find more space, so we moved our production facility to Rutland, VT where we have a lot more room and have been there ever since.

Our recipes typically use less sugar than products(35% to 40% less) you find lining the shelves in supermarkets and we only use Pure Cane Sugar, not high fructose corn syrup! Folks just love cooking with our jams too! Try one as a glaze on pork, beef or fish, or simply on a cracker with Brie or Cream Cheese and you too will soon become a fan. And while you're here, please check out our Recipe Page for some awesome suggestions!

You will find Jamtastic jams throughout Vermont in many speciality food stores and Farmer's Markets too - The Dorset Farmers Market in Dorset VT , The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market in Troy NY, The Spa City Farmers Market in Sarataga Springs, NY and the Delmar Farmers Market in Delmar, NY. And, if you're in Burlington VT be sure to visit Healthy Living Market where you'll find a wide selection of Jamtastic jams! We also participate in many events in New England throughout the year, bringing miles of smiles to customers everywhere, one jar of jam at a time!

Remember...Jamtastic, it's NOT just for toast! Think outside of the jar for a moment and you will soon realize that the possibilities are endless. Order a few today... you won't be dissapointed!

Thanks for stopping by....and have a Jamtastic day!

Ross & Danine Warren

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