Hot 4 Habanero Strawberry Jam

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OUR SIGNATURE JAM! Your palate is initially greeted by a wonderful, sweet and intense strawberry flavor, followed shortly thereafter by a tantalizing, yet subtle burst of heat generated by Habanero chili peppers. This wonderful combination of sweet and heat can be enjoyed on a cracker with cream cheese, Vermont cheddar or fresh chevre. And, it's great as a glaze on beef, pork, chicken and fish. Try it as a glaze on salmon for an extra spectacular treat. Our friends rave about this fantastic jam, and you will too!

Make sure to check out our Recipe page here for a fantastic salmon recipe! Makes an incredible Jamtastic Martini too!


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8 Reviews

Richard Yocum 2nd Feb 2022


The amazing and entertaining "Jam Man" Ross introduced this product to me MANY years ago at the Dorset Farmer's Market and I have glazed my broiled wild caught Salmon with it ever since. Ross knew I would be addicted to this one! Oh yes, I so miss the Habanero Blueberry jam which I glaze onto my wild caught broiled Halibut. In addition to the superb flavoring with a bit of zest, it brings this whitefish alive with color as it seeps into the filet's cracks which separate the flakes for a special presentation. Too bad it is currently unavailable. So, Salmon ala Jamtastic tonight! Cheers!

Barbara 16th Jan 2022


The habanero is next level delicious! Goes with everything- crackers and cheese, ice cream..even on its own. Now that I've found it, it will always be in my fridge!

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