Apricot Peach Riesling Jam

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Apricots, Peaches, Riesling wine and Madagascar Vanilla have been combined to create a most tantalizing and delicious jam! Try this wonderful jam as a glaze on pork or chicken, or in your morning yogurt. For a real treat try this on a grilled cheese sandwich You will be truly amazed!

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NOTE:July 27th 2020

This last batch, made 2 weeks ago has not quite set up like it normally would. Looks and tastes the same as always, quite delicious!

Stick it in the fridge as that will give it a more normal consistency if you'd like!

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2 Reviews

Stephanie 15th Jan 2021


Love this jam! It's fantastic paired with some goat cheese and crackers.

Frances 19th Apr 2020

Peach Riesling jam


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