Screaming Raspberry Jam - Our All-Time Best Seller!


The name has changed, but the recipe has not! Our All Time Best Seller! This jam SCREAMS Raspberry! The addition of just the right amount of Vermont Maple Syrup adds a new dimension to an already stellar raspberry jam. Try this on your favorite muffin or scone, or on top of a dessert like ice cream or cheesecake. Also makes a wonderful addition to a summer vinaigrette! We think this will be the very best raspberry jam you have ever tasted!


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Michael 25th Apr 2021

Raspberry Maple Jam

I use a number of the jams on my protein pancakes, adding Raspberry Maple Jam and peanut butter instead of syrup. Delicious!

Priya 18th Apr 2021

Soo delicious

I love this on my peanut butter sandwich! So delicious, highly recommend

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