Hotter 'N Hell Mango Jam

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Mangos and Habaneros...Some like it hot and some like it hotter then hell! The name says it all and the hottest jam we have ever made. If you like sweet, hot and spicy this incredible jam will certainly light the fire in you! On the edge of rapture yet it’s still about the pleasure and not about the pain! Paired with cream cheese and crackers or as a glaze on chicken or fish, this jam is a real eye opener! If you like it hot, then this jam is for you!

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1 Review

Ross Warren 26th May 2020

Dont be afraid.

This is hot. No joke, after a few bites on some wheat toast, you will be enjoying the heat and the sweet. This will make a great glaze on wings! Great strong heat with perfect amount of sweet. Be brave try this today!

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