Hot 4 Habanero Wild Maine Blueberry Jam

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If you like sweet, hot and spicy this incredible jam will certainly light the fire in you! On the edge of rapture yet it’s still about the pleasure and not about the pain! Paired with Artisan cheese and crackers or as a glaze on chicken or fish, this jam is a real eye opener! If you like it hot and spicy, then this jam is for you! Try our other Hot 4 Habanero Jams too! Strawberry, Raspberry and Cranberry! All 3 will definitely light your fire!

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2 Reviews

Herb Jarvis 7th May 2020

Incredible Jam

Best combination of hot and sweet blueberry favor on the planet. Great on its own or spice up an English muffin with cream cheese. Also phenomenal on top of cheddar on a whole wheat cracker. Just the best!

Theresa Houghton 4th May 2020

The best salad dressing!

How are there NO reviews for this fantastic jam? It's perfect for salad dressing. Mix it up with a little sauerkraut juice, some turmeric and ground flax seed, and you have a zippy dressing with just the right balance of hot, sweet and salt. The blueberry adds a unique sweetness that's different from Jamtastic's other hot jams and gives this flavor its own personality. I'm continually amazed and impressed by the creativity of this brand!

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